History of the Castle

In 1258, Spantekow Castle came into possession of the von Schwerin family ( Werner ) and it cannot be substantiated, whether he himself had the castle built. In 1588, the main building of the castle was severely affected by war. The Grand Controller of the Ducal Household Ulrich von Schwerin and his wife Anna nee von Arnim (see entrance relief) had it completely rebuilt on the original site (on a hill above the castle yard) using the old construction plans, which took 9 years. In 1634 after the death of Vivigenz von Schwerin, Spantekow came into the possession of Erich, Count of Steenbock (Sweden) who was married to Vivigenz´s sister Katharina. During the Thirty Year´s War from 1618 – 1648, the castle offered restitance to the imperial forces wich camped in the park and this is why it is called the “Emperor´s Paddock”. In 1677, the castle was besieged and captured by the Brandenburgs during their war against the Swedes.

The Great Elektor Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg blew the main building of the castle up. However the castle´s church, at the foot of the hill and both annexes remained. In 1748, the church was completeley destroyed by fire, but remains of the walls and the castle main building, can still be seen today. In 1715, Frederick William I. (the “Soldier King”) expropriated Steenbock on the grounds of felony (wilful disloyality) and Spantekow became a royal Prussian domain. In 1738, General Field Marshall Curd Christoph Count of Schwerin brought an action for restitution against the sovereign.

In 1820 the Destrict Administrator Heinrich Count of Schwerin (Putzar) obtained an order of the cabinet from Frederick William III., who ordered that the matter should be settled in court. Finally in 1833, after 199 years and after a lawsuit of 99 years, (the castle and the estate of Spantekow) once again became the solo owner of the castle and the estates of Spantekow, Rebelow and Drebelow. In 1945, the castle was once again expropriatet. On 26 April 1999, in the nineth year after the German reunification, the castle was bought back by Kaspar Baron von Harnier, the grandson and heir of Hans Bone von Schwerin, the last owner of Spantekow until 1945.

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